The Pros of Managed Investing with usProfessional IRA Management: IRA management will allocate the investments in your account to help you reach your goals. We will also advise you on what you need to save to achieve those goals, and can assist you in setting them if you’re unsure where to start. Fill out the questionaire below to help you get started. If you’ve signedup already, simply sign in and receive your personalized investment strategy. You can easily implement our investment strategy tailored to your goals with just a click of a button at no additional cost. If your employer isn’t SIMPLE IRA, we can still help you set a confident path to your retirement goals.

Most investment vehicles require you to send your money away to someone, get limited access/transparency and just hope for the best!

Please read through each trading program’s profile carefully. We provide much more due diligence on the strategy itself with our core funds, than we do with our market place funds. We have included as much information as humanly possible to make it easy for prospective investors to make an informed decision. We offer detailed prospectuses, detailed performance analysis, 3rd party CPA audits, 3rd party analysis via social trading and verification utilities, and finally live forward trading results on real money. If there is anything more we can do, please contact us and we will be happy to help get you the comfort level you are looking for. In our experience, many people coming from the traditional investment space often over-analyze alternatives, and do so improperly. We advise any paranoid or fearful investors who may interested not to invest if it provides any feelings of discomfort. This type of investment may not be suitable for all people. The key points to remember is that your investment is always transparent, and liquid, and your risk can be restricted, and your risk level can be customized to your preference. Therefor your risk of loss is defined and “risk-limited” by yourself. There are no surprises. Starting slow and dipping a toe in the water is always a smart approach. Taking a disciplined approach to new investments is an intelligent plan. Smart investors focus their analysis on the data (performance and risk – most importantly the risk adjusted rate of return. Meaning how much risk is being assumed to generate said returns).

12 What can I expect once I am invested in your systems?Getting Started is quite simple. It basically boils down to taking a bit of initiative, opening your own trading account at a Brokerage, funding your account to trade on your behalf for you (or asking us for advice on which ones), and then (easily) configuring these to suit your personal risk tolerance and financial goals. Then all you need to do is go about your life. The rest is on auto-pilot.

17 How do I know the results you publish are real?We are always transparent in the results we publish and will never publish a result without the proper disclosures explaining how it was generated (i.e., live, demo, historic, or something different). That said, we do not expect any person to “take our word for it” as trust is something that must be earned. Our investors’ funds typically undergo 3rd party CPA audits and/or 3rd party software verifications. In the latter case, we rely on blockchain technology again and have started to use 3rd party social trading and verification utilities for our products, which have been phenomenal in their relevance. These are excellent utilities that verify the authenticity of trading performances, and that also update trading performance live in real time, all while providing some very rich and detailed statistics and analysis tools. Investors love these as a way to follow and track performance and get easy and quick on-demand access to comprehensive statistics. In our opinion these are much better than a CPA audit, however we often do both, to satisfy both the old schoolers and new schoolers alike.

08 Does the trader for my managed account have access to my funds?No, the funds in your trading managed account are in your name at the broker. You are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from this account. The only power you grant to the trade manager for the managed program is the power to trade your account.

12 If I have a question about trades in my account, who do I contact?The broker is the main contact for all questions about your account. Because we refer a lot of clients, there are particular people in the brokerage who are most familiar with the managed program in which you are participating. With a managed account you let the trader do the trading and periodically evaluate the results.

13 Can I open or close trades in the account that is being managed for me?No. A managed account can only be traded by the trade manager you authorize.

01 How do I get started?Getting Started is quite simple. It basically boils down to taking a bit of initiative, opening your own trading account with our preferred Brokerage, funding your account to trade on your behalf and then configured to suit your personal risk tolerance and financial goals. The rest is on auto-pilot.

ABOUT MEJane Fischer is an asset manager at JFTFunds. She brings over 20 years of financial industry experience where she focused on Institutional Equities Research, Sales and Trading.As an account manager, Jane focuses on capital growth, she helps clients define their financial needs and goals and works with the JFTFunds team cultivating and implementing the plan to attain their objectives.Jane also assists with asset allocation management using her vast experience in the financial market.

The Pros of Managed Investing with usJane has helped hundreds of people invest in their future within nearly 20 years of business. Our proprietary and rigorous methodology that we employ across all of our services was developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz. Our methodology was designed with investors in mind; we know that many investors favor balancing avoiding risk while seeking reward, and our methodology is designed to deliver just that.

WHY INVESTORS CHOOSE MEI have 20 Years Experience of Trading Financial Markets

16 How is the trading commission calculated? What if there is a loss?The trading commission is 20% of profit made on your trades which is not payable until your investment matures for withdrawal. This fee is non deductible until you make withdrawal because only you have access to the funds. If there are no profits, there are no trading commission. This assures our investors that we’re profit driven funds managers working to meet the end goals of our investors with the right strategies and risk management levels in place.

15 Can I open my account as an IRA, and transfer funds from an existing IRA into it?No. IRA accounts are not currently offered by the brokers with whom these managed account programs work but we can guide you through the process of moving your funds seamlessly to our managed account program for onward management.

19 What are the risks involved with a managed account?In every investment there is a risk factor, we have given this a careful consideration and came up with solutions to ensure that our investors don’t suffer great losses as it would be if they were trading for themselves. All strategies are backtested before implemented on your trades for guaranteed outcome. We work with team of experts who years of experience managing financial products along side algorithmic systems which minimizes the risk of loss. We believe that it is essential to have a fewer trades with higher odds than gambling with investors money.

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