Yes, you have to open a trading account with the broker used by the managed account program.
No. Your account must be opened at the same brokerage as all others under management in that program. The head trader for the program has access to software that allows trading of these accounts as a group , but they must all be at the same brokerage for the trade manager to use this.
Yes, sometimes a managed program reaches a limit and must close to new investors. Usually, if you have already submitted your Account Application to the broker, your account will still be permitted to join the managed program. To make sure, however, you should always fund your account as soon as possible. Many brokers will allow you to submit funds at the same time as your application, to speed up the process.
Most brokers accept funding by Crypto deposit or bank wire
A lower net profit history usually comes in association with a lower history of drawdown, or lower risk of loss. The reason one might choose such an account is motivated as much or more by lowering risk, as by making profits. But because of the lower profit objectives, the account provider makes less money from their profit share and they have a certain minimum they wish to make, which they aim to achieve by requiring a higher minimum account size. It is not uncommon to see minimums of $100k, all the way up to $1 million , so what we are able to present to investors here is an exceptional set of opportunities.e.
To withdraw funds, you simply execute a withdrawal just as you would normally from any other brokerage account, according to the procedures the broker uses. Usually this involves submitting a form that you sign requesting the withdrawal, which also specifies the means by which you wish to receive the money, such as by bank wire or crypto wallet. See the brokers website for details.
No, the funds in your trading managed account are in your name at the broker. You are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from this account. The only power you grant to the trade manager for the managed program is the power to trade your account.
Yes, eventually profits left in your account will be considered an addition to principal, and will be factored into trade size calculations for future trades.
This varies according to the trade strategies used by the program in which your account is participating. Sometimes it will only take few hours as soon as your account is funded, the trade manager for the managed account sees that it is ready for inclusion in the next new cycle of trades. You need do nothing, the trade manager is automatically alerted by the broker.
12 If I have a question about trades in my account, who do I contact?The broker is the main contact for all questions about your account. Because we refer a lot of clients, there are particular people in the brokerage who are most familiar with the managed program in which you are participating. With a managed account you let the trader do the trading and periodically evaluate the results.
No. A managed account can only be traded by the trade manager you authorize.
No. IRA accounts are not currently offered by the brokers with whom these managed account programs work but we can guide you through the process of moving your funds seamlessly to our managed account program for onward management.
The trading commission is 20% of profit made on your trades which is not payable until your investment matures for withdrawal. This fee is non deductible until you make withdrawal because only you have access to the funds. If there are no profits, there are no trading commission. This assures our investors that we're profit driven funds managers working to meet the end goals of our investors with the right strategies and risk management levels in place.
You are responsible for paying all taxes on your income, according to the laws of your country. Profit made in your managed account is income in every classification of which we are aware, upon which taxes would be due.
In every investment there is a risk factor, we have given this a careful consideration and came up with solutions to ensure that our investors don't suffer great losses as it would be if they were trading for themselves. All strategies are backtested before implemented on your trades for guaranteed outcome. We work with team of experts who years of experience managing financial products along side algorithmic systems which minimizes the risk of loss. We believe that it is essential to have a fewer trades with higher odds than gambling with investors money.